Kelsey & Alex 5.31.14 Mt. Zion Convention Center

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Toothman Reception 5.31.14 004

We have had so many compliments on the how beautiful this room turned out! A wedding trend we love to see is soft neutrals with a bold statement color.  Kelsey and Alex did just that! They chose navy as their main color with silver and white accents. This ballroom looked so elegant!

Toothman Reception 5.31.14 006

Once the lights were dimmed, the amber uplighting created a warm candlelight glow throughout the room. We used 32 lights to create this look and feel!

Toothman Reception 5.31.14 009

The silver chiavairi chairs looked amazing paired with the navy tablecloths and silver accents on each table. Chiavari chairs are a great way to carry out a color scheme! Not only do they add color, but they add so much style to the reception space.

Toothman Reception 5.31.14 011

We also provided the photo booth for the evening, so these wedding favors were perfect! The photo strips fit perfectly into the frame making a great keepsake for all the guests.

Toothman Reception 5.31.14 014

How impressive is this ice sculpture?! It made for a pretty spectacular food display! The monogrammed “L” really topped it off!

Toothman Reception 5.31.14 018

We are so glad we got to be a part of this beautiful wedding. We hope everyone had a blast dancing the night away to our DJ and that the wedding party enjoyed their ride in our Escalade limousine. The Elite Team sends their best wishes to the new Mr. Mrs. Lewis! Congratulations!


Stephanie & Andrew 5.24.14 Hilton

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Chaney Reception 5.24.14 011

This monogram caught all the guests attention as they entered the ballroom.  It was placed on the dance floor which made for amazing pictures of the cake and first dances. They chose a simple, elegant design to display their shared last name.

Chaney Reception 5.24.14 013

Stephanie and Andrew chose peacock colors with turquoise and green accents. The chair covers and sashes looked amazing paired together and brought the whole theme to life!

Chaney Reception 5.24.14 017

They created unique centerpieces with lights and peacock feathers. The glitter vases looked lovely when the lights dimmed and the candles were lit. 

Chaney Reception 5.24.14 015

The navy pintuck table cloths tied in perfectly with the vibrant colors. We used 32 uplights to create the perfect glow in the ballroom. The uplighting color was perfectly matched to the turquoise blue chair sashes, tying everything together.

Chaney Reception 5.24.14 014

We had so much fun providing the music and photo booth for the evening. We hope everyone had a blast on the Trolley, too! Congratulations Stephanie and Andrew Burkybile! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Taylor & Andrew 5.3.14 I Hotel

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Crook Reception 5.3.14 007

The Chancellor ballroom looked stunning for Taylor and Andrew’s reception. We absolutely loved the look of these centerpieces. Instead of the traditional flower centerpiece, they used branches with small tea lights. They also used vases with purples flowers to incorporate their wedding color.

Crook Reception 5.3.14 012

Once the lights were down the centerpieces looked amazing! The candles and lavender uplighting set the perfect scene. Along with the uplighting, we also provided a spotlight for the cake. 

Crook Reception 5.3.14 010

Spotlights are great way to showoff the cake as the guests arrive. After the cake cutting, we used the spotlight for the first dances, drawing everyones attention to the dance floor!

Crook Reception 5.3.14 011

The gold chiavari chairs pulled everything together! They looked great with the rest of the room decor and stood out against the white table linens.

Crook Reception 5.3.14 013

Everything looked absolutely beautiful for the new Mr. and Mrs. Drake. They were such a blast to work with and Ryan had a great time DJing for the reception. Best wishes on your new marriage!

Ashley & Matt 11.2.13 Hilton

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Hayes Reception 11.2.13 007

Ashley and Matt celebrated with friends and family at the Hilton Garden Inn following their ceremony. The room was set for 200 guests in the Chief ballroom. They chose to decorate the room in plum and gold for their fall wedding. 

Hayes Reception 11.2.13 005

We placed 24 amber uplights around the room to provide a soft glow. Amber is one of the most popular lighting colors and goes great with any room decor. We loved the look of the plum floor-length satin tablecloths with the gold chiavari chairs as well.

Hayes Reception 11.2.13 011

We also provided a custom monogram that was placed above the head table. The font and design they chose went great with the look of the room.

Hayes Reception 11.2.13 006

We really liked the simplicity of the centerpieces as well. They used white mason jars as vases for an assortment of white flowers. They even had small white pumpkins on the table. Such a neat idea for a fall wedding!

Hayes Reception 11.2.13 001

We used a spotlight to show off the cake in the center of the dance floor until it was time for the first dances. It was a great night and we really enjoyed being a part of their special day. This room came together so nicely! We want to wish Mr. and Mrs. Nagy the best in their new marriage. Congratulations newlyweds!

Allie & Charlie 11.2.13 St. Matthews Church

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Ramshaw Reception 10.12.13 001

The Parish Hall at St. Matthews Church was stunning for Allie and Charlie’s reception. They invited 250 guests to celebrate their new marriage. Their color scheme was dark grey with deep fuchsia and orange tones.

Ramshaw Reception 10.12.13 004

The white stretch chair covers created a sleek, modern look. We paired them with grey chair bands to coordinate with the silver floor-length silk tablecloths and fuchsia satin table runners. We provided the silver charger plates as well.

Ramshaw Reception 10.12.13 012

Ramshaw Reception 10.12.13 008

The uplights added a lot of color! We placed 32 lights around the room to create this look. Allie and Charlie also chose to do a custom monogram above their head table. This monogram was a show stopper!

Ramshaw Reception 10.12.13 013

How cool are these centerpieces? They did short and tall arrangements around the room. They incorporated both fuchsia and orange.

Ramshaw Reception 10.12.13 019

We absolutely loved the way this room looked! It was a beautiful wedding and we are so glad we got to be a part of it. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ramshaw! We wish you many years of wedded bliss!

Hannah & Rhett 10.5.13 Hilton

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Clark Reception 10.5.13 016

Hannah and Rhett hosted 300 guests in the Illini Ballroom at the Hilton Garden Inn to celebrate their new marriage. They used plum as their fall wedding color. The room was lit with 32 purple uplights to coordinate with the rest of the space.

Clark Reception 10.5.13 015

The plum satin sashes and table runners looked great against the white polyester tablecloths and chair covers we provided. We loved the look of the deep red and purple flower centerpieces with the runners as well.

Clark Reception 10.5.13 017

It was a great night and we had a blast DJing for the evening. We hope Hannah and Rhett enjoyed their night as well! The room looked beautiful and we enjoyed working with you and your family! Congrats newlyweds!

Lindsay & Michael 10.5.13 Hilton

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Bridges Reception 10.5.13 008

Lindsay and Michael celebrated with 250 friends and family members at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Champaign. The room looked amazing decorated in plum and silver.

Bridges Reception 10.5.13 030

The silver chargers we provided finished off the tables nicely. We loved the centerpieces too! The vases lit up and the flowers were amazing. The flower arrangements had plum with touches of green which looked great with the rest of the room.

Bridges Reception 10.5.13 027

We provided the white polyester chair covers and the plum satin chair sashes. We did a fold over tie for the chair sashes, which is a more modern look. We also used 32 purple uplights around the room to incorporate more purple.

Bridges Reception 10.5.13 024

The candles along the head drew a lot of attention to head table along with the monogram, which was located on the backdrop. For their monogram, they decided on their first names and wedding date, along with a simple design.

Bridges Reception 10.5.13 022

We used a spot light on their gorgeous cake. The rhinestones really shimmered with the additional light. It was an amazing night and Ryan had a great time DJing. We wish this couple the best in their new marriage!