Kristen & Nicholas 2.9.13 Hilton

Hawkins Reception 2.9.13 012

Kristen and Nick had a unique setup in the Chief Ballroom. They had the head table at one end of the ballroom rather than in the center. There were two bars, one on each side of the head table and then the dance floor was placed directly in front of the wedding party. Cocktails tables were setup around the dance floor so that guests could mingle with others while watching all the dancing going on! The guests’ tables seating around 170 people were spread throughout the center of the ballroom.

Hawkins Reception 2.9.13 001

They used our white polyester chair covers with plum satin sashes and plum runners to match. The sashes were tied in a foldover tie for a more elegant look. Their florist brought in cube style vases with deep purple flowers and tall white branches. Since purple was their main color, they wanted their uplighting in purple, too!

Hawkins Reception 2.9.13 015

The buffet tables were at the opposite end of the wedding party tables. This setup created a specific space for each event happening throught the night and everything flowed really nicely. The tall branch centerpieces that the guest tables had were also used on teh buffet tables.

Hawkins Reception 2.9.13 005

The cake was spotlighted on the dance floor until it was removed for dancing. They also had a custom monogram featuring their names which was projected on the dance floor. Unfortunately, the dance floor filled up too fast before we could get a picture. We had a great time DJing for Kristen and Nick!

~ by Elite Entertainment on February 28, 2013.

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