Amy & Spencer 1.26.13 Hilton

Murray Reception 1.26.13 001

Amy and Spencer’s winter themed wedding was beautiful! Most everything was done in white and silver except a few of the featured tables, such as the wedding party table and cake table.

Murray Reception 1.26.13 012

The uplighting added a really neat effect to the room with all of the white and silver.  You’ll notice that their two tiered wedding party table sits below their custom monogram. We provided royal blue satin linens for those two tables.

Murray Reception 1.26.13 018

There was lots of candlelight which was very romantic. Their centerpieces were made up of candles or icy branches. It was gorgeous with the uplighting.

Murray Reception 1.26.13 004

We provided silver chiavaris, white floor length tablecloths and silver chargers. The tablescape’s looked flawless! It was so modern and very sleek looking. The matching charger plates add so much elegance.

Murray Reception 1.26.13 024

Their 4-tiered cake was decorated in a winter theme, too. The snowflakes were the perfect touch. What a sweet idea to have old family wedding pictures around the cake, and the spotlight helped to draw a lot of attention to this special table.

Murray Reception 1.26.13 028

Their custom monogram also featured snowflakes and was displayed behind the head table on a white backdrop with lots of uplighting. Everything came together perfectly!

~ by Elite Entertainment on February 1, 2013.

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