Julie & Joe 8.4.12 Holiday Inn

Julie and Joe’s reception was gorgeous! Their colors were tiffany blue, white and black. The entire room came together very nicely. With about 200 guests, they were able to use half of the ballroom and still have plenty of space.

We provided white polyester chair covers with tiffany blue sashes. We also did white floor-length tablecloths with tiffany blue runners. They brought in a touch of black with the Holiday Inn’s napkins. Our DJ system was setup to the left of their head table.

The cake table was displayed in the middle of the dance floor and featured all of their colors. A custom monogram drew attention to their head table with their names, the date, and a design. The tiffany blue uplighting added a soft ambiance in the room while adding more color at the same time.

The cake was also spotlighted. A silver “W” was featured on the top for the new Mr. and Mrs. Warning. We love how their custom monogram was in the background, as well as the beautiful head table. Once the cake was cut and removed from the dance floor, the lights were turned down and dancing begun! Congratulations to the new husband and wife!

~ by Elite Entertainment on August 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Julie & Joe 8.4.12 Holiday Inn”

  1. Hey there!! Is my wedding going to be posted?

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi Miranda,
      Yes, we will definitely do a blog post on your wedding fairly soon! To be honest, I completely forgot about your wedding since it was on a Friday night. We’re so far behind, that I only looked back through our Saturday weddings. We’ll try and get it done today or tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder. Take care!

  2. Looks like a nice wedding!! Thanks for the share Ryan.


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