Miranda & Casey 8.3.12 I Hotel

Miranda and Casey’s reception was very romantic feeling. They had their reception in the Illinois Ballroom with approximately 200 guests. The I Hotel also has three built-in video screens for those who wish to show a photo montage.

The candlelight uplighting made the room feel very warm and inviting. We recommend this candlelight color to many of our brides and grooms because it compliments any color scheme.

Their tables were beautifully done in cappuccino linens and gold chiavaris. This has been a very popular combination this year! Their centerpieces included white flowers submerged in vases with teal accents to add just a little color.

Miranda and Casey’s cake was displayed in the middle of the dance floor with cappuccino linen and teal “fluff” to highlight the cake and bring in more color. The spotlight really helps draw attention to the cake, too! They cut the cake immediately following dinner. Shortly after, the dancing begun and everyone enjoyed our unique photo/video booth.  The celebration ended right around midnight! We hope that Miranda and Casey remember their special day for years to come!

~ by Elite Entertainment on August 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Miranda & Casey 8.3.12 I Hotel”

  1. Trying to see the photo booth pics of Miranda & Casey’s wedding (8/3/12), but they’re not showing. ??? 😦

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