Lindy & Ben 11.19.11 Refinery

Lindy and Ben’s entry into their reception was beautiful! We draped the foyer area making a path which lead into the ballroom. Then we provided amber uplighting to give it a romantic and elegant feel. Guests were able to see which table they were at by looking at the cards which hung from the drapery.

They used banquet and round tables for their guests. Family of the bride and groom sat at the banquet tables which were placed in the middle of the room in front of the head table. The rest of their guests sat at the round tables dispersed throughout the room. We thought it worked out very nicely!

Lindy and Ben’s monogram lit up the dancefloor! Lindy’s sister designed their monogram image, and we think it turned out gorgeous! What a nice family touch it was to add to their special day!  It was really pretty at night when all the lights were dimmed and the dancing begun.

Lindy and Ben’s cake was very unique in that it was very sleek with fine lines, yet had a lot of detail and color to it! We spotlighted it which really made it stand out! They cut their cake following dinner which then lead into a thank you from the newlyweds and an introduction of their bridal party.

We love these shots of the room! It shows how warm and elegant the room looked. The amber uplighting and candlelight on the tables is a huge factor in how inviting the room felt. We also provided mahogany chiavari chairs and champagne satin floor-length tablecloths. They added brown, green, and blue organza overlays to the tables for a little extra color and elegance.

Our brown satin napkins pair up perfectly with the chairs and are a nice contrast on the light colored table linen. Each table featured a unique floral bundle inside a glass bowl.  They also placed a bottle of red and white wine on the tables for their guests to enjoy throughout the evening.

Another feature that we loved was the additonal lounge area which we created with tan drapery. It was an area where guests could mingle and relax aside from the dancing. We thought it made the reception area feel a little more intimate as it blocked off some of the outside light and covered a portion of the windows. Best wishes to Lindy and Ben!

~ by Elite Entertainment on November 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Lindy & Ben 11.19.11 Refinery”

  1. The room looked SO amazing and Elite is a huge part of the reason why. It’s great to see these pics, when the room was full of people we didn’t get to see it quite this way. Thanks again, Ryan. It’s one-of-a-kind like we wanted!

  2. The transformation you performed at the Refinery was absolutely awesome. You outdid yourselves, providing an elegant, romantic venue for our special event. You’re the BEST!

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