Aubren & Eric 10.8.11 I Hotel

Aubren and Eric’s reception was held in the Illinois Ballroom at the I Hotel. They had a little over 250 guests. We provided the music for the evening including for the cocktail hour which was in the ballroom as well.

We did a 16′ tan backdrop behind their head table. Then, we added 2 leaf gobos in the same color as their uplighting. Their custom monogram was projected in the center. It made for a very dramatic focal point as guests walked into the room. For the linens, we did ivory polyester chair covers with cappuccino satin sashes and floor-length ivory polyester tablecloths with cappuccino runners.

The deep orange uplighting looked incredible around the room!  We also love how much the cake stands out in the background. We spotlighted it in the middle of the dance floor. Not only does it highlight the cake, it also allowed their guests to see everything better during their cake cutting.

They had a 3-tiered cake which they cut immediately following dinner. The same spotlight that was used to show off their cake, was also used later in the evening during their special dances.

This wedding had many surprises! Yes, that is Santa Claus. Ha! He is a close friend of the family who made a surprise visit to the bride when he walked in to “Here Come Santa Claus.” This is a tradition for everyone who gets married in their family. They shared a special dance to “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” Aubren also surprised her parents and grandparents who were celebrating their 30th and 50th wedding anniversary with an Anniversary Dance to “Remember When” by Alan Jackson. It was a very sweet moment!

~ by Elite Entertainment on October 17, 2011.

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