Stephanie & Greg 7.23.11 Refinery

These colors looked incredible! Stephanie and Greg used white and turquoise as their main colors and brought in orange, yellow, and pink in all the floral arrangements. Their amazing 4-tiered wedding cake was in the middle of the dance floor and directly in front of the head table. We provided a turquoise satin tablecloth for the cake table.

Our DJ system was set up to the left of the head table. Then, they used the Refinery’s video screen to show a video presentation after dinner. Once the cake was cut, the cake table was moved away from the dance floor to leave plenty of space for dancing the rest of the night.

Stephanie and Greg used the entire ballroom with 265 guests. They had white polyester chair covers with turquoise satin sashes and runners. We also provided turquoise uplighting around the entire ballroom.

Stephanie and Greg loved the idea of a custom monogram! It looked awesome on the dance floor. It stood out to the guests as soon as they entered the ballroom.  Once the lights were dimmed completely and dancing began, the monogram really stood out!

Stephanie and Greg jet-setted to Jamaica for their honeymoon. We hope they had a great time and wish them the best as they enjoy countless memories to come!

~ by Elite Entertainment on July 27, 2011.

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