Kortney & Victor 7.2.11 Refinery

Wow! This was a big reception! Kortney and Victor had about 475 guests. We provided chair covers, uplighting, a cake spot, and custom monogram. These colors looked beautiful together. It was light and subtle, but it all came together so nicely! We loved how they used peach for specific elements throughout the room like the uplighting and napkins. It created just the perfect amount of extra color in the room without “over-doing” it. For the uplighting, we combined two different colors to create a custom lighting color for them.

The cake couldn’t have been designed any better in our opinion. It was also made with very simple lines including touches of peach brought out in the flowers. We’re so glad we recommended that they have a cake spotlight so no one would miss it!

This custom monogram is one of our favorites. It was unique, classy and elegant. Rather than projecting it on a backdrop behind their head table or on the dance floor, we placed it on the wall directly across from the head table and to the right of the ballroom doors. It was big and elaborate and fit perfectly into the bare space.

We hope that Kortney and Victor loved everything! The room looked incredible and the champagne, peach, and banana color scheme was something different from what we typically see. Overall, the simplicity and lightness of this reception was sure to impress.

~ by Elite Entertainment on July 6, 2011.

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