Sarah & Dave 06.20.09 Sullivan

Sarah and Dave had a very elaborate reception that they actually held in his parents’ machine shed at their home in Sullivan. You may remember the lighting we did in the Cole’s County Airport Hangar. That was Dave’s brother’s wedding. So this family is known for extravagant, memorable weddings. Gwen Wilson with Nuptiae was their planner, and Gwen and Sarah did a wonderful job putting everything together. They contacted us for DJing and lighting. Her colors were bright pink and green, so they hung pink and green lanterns from the ceiling and used pink tablecloths. We put their monogram on the wall so everyone would see it right when they walked in.


They had multiple ice sculptures that they used to serve shrimp cocktail on.


Then they also had an ice luge in the tent right outside of the shed that they used to make pink and green martinis. They used the tent for the dancing as well.


 We had all of the up-lights connected together. They wanted pink and green for dinner..



 And then any color for dancing..



They even had a huge fireworks show for their guests!



~ by Elite Entertainment on June 24, 2009.

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