Noelle & Neil 06.20.09 Keller Center

Noelle and Neil held their black and yellow reception at the Keller Center in Effingham. Neil’s mom had found us at the Bergner’s bridal show in 2008 when her daughter was getting married. We did some lighting for her then, and so she gave us a call as soon as Neil got engaged. They knew they had to have the stretch chair covers and sashes. They also used 90″ black tablecloths and yellow up-lighting.


Here is a before-and-after shot of the room with chair covers and lighting…



 We also provided a white backdrop for behind their head table. We put their names on the backdrop, and then they hung black and white pictures of themselves from the ceiling. They used fishing line to hang them, so it looked like the pictures were floating. We’ve also seen brides hang pictures like this around the entire room before. Really cool idea! Here is a before-and-after of the backdrop and what a difference that makes..



It was great working with you guys, and best of luck to you in your new home!

~ by Elite Entertainment on June 23, 2009.

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