Carle Auxiliary Dinner 04.23.09 I Hotel

The Carle Auxiliary held a dinner for their 50th anniversary in the Chancellor Ballroom at the I Hotel. They really wanted to make it special for their guests, so we did chair covers, up-lighting, and a custom logo for them. We used white polyester chair covers with a yellow/gold organza sash to compliment their red and gold color scheme.


We duplicated the logo that they had used for their invitations, party favors, etc. on the back wall so guests would see it right as they entered the room. It said “50 years – Starring Carle Auxiliary.” We tried out a few different lighting colors to see what looked the best with their decor. This first color we tried is an amber/gold color. It’s very neutral.


Then we tried a red. This is the color they ended up going with because it really made the red roses in their centerpieces stand out.


We also tried alternating red and white. This looked really neat, but it was a little too busy for this particular event. They already had a lot going on in the room.


We’re glad to hear that everything ran smoothly for them, and the I Hotel staff was wonderful to work with, as always.

~ by Elite Entertainment on April 28, 2009.

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