Beth & Matt 10.04.08 Hawthorn

Beth and Matt went all out for their reception at the Hawthorn, and we were happy to help! They ended up using us for DJ services, lighting, a custom monogram, a video screen, and chair covers. We had the 8′ video screen in the back corner that we played their photo montage on during dinner, and their custom monogram was above their head table. Kaitlin was their DJ, and she said they had an awesome group of people who were a lot of fun all night. She said the groom and his groomsmen ran to the head table and started dancing on their chairs during the YMCA.

It was fun to see the Hawthorn staff get excited when they saw we were setting up the lighting in the room. They always ask us, “What color are you doing this time?” This time they were in for a special treat. It was the first time we had done the LED lighting at the Hawthorn. We hooked all of the lights together and ran them off of a program on our laptop. That way we could change the colors throughout the night. Beth and Matt wanted the lights to be amber during dinner and then slowly fading through different shades of red when the dancing first started. So Kaitlin flipped the lights from amber to red right before their first dance.

Kaitlin had the lights doing a rainbow effect around the room for the bridal party introduction. That really set the mood and energy for the party. Later on in the evening, she had them slowly fading and cycling through different colors..

 ..and strobing to the beat of the music during some of the fast dance songs.

Everyone loved the lights, and it definitely added a ton to the party. We also used a pin spot to light up their cake on the dance floor. Overall, it was a beautiful reception, and we had a blast working with you guys!

~ by Elite Entertainment on October 8, 2008.

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