Anna & Steven 08.30.08 Hawthorn

Anna and Steven invited 80 guests to their reception at the Hawthorn Suites. I had worked with Anna at the new I Hotel where she is the Marketing Director, and she asked me to DJ her wedding. Anna is also a huge fan of our uplighting and knew that she had to have it for her reception. Her colors were chocolate brown and green. So she chose to use brown sashes on her chair covers complimented by green lighting. 

She used vases and lampshades to make her centerpieces look like lamps with little green LED lights in them. The menu cards alternated brown and green at each place setting.

We dimmed the Hawthorn’s lights down a little bit more when the dancing began. We used the pin spot that we’d had on the cake as a spotlight for their first dances.

For a few unique touches, Anna had a pinata full of candy for the kids, and she also had a competition between her and Steven to see who would be the head of their household. They had one roll of toilet paper each, and whoever was able to unroll the toilet paper the fastest won. Steven won. She said she got the idea from weddings she’d been to in St. Louis.


~ by Elite Entertainment on September 2, 2008.

One Response to “Anna & Steven 08.30.08 Hawthorn”

  1. Very nice. This looks great Ryan, nice work.

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