MaryBess & Jason 08.16.08 Hilton

MaryBess and Jason wanted their reception at the Hilton to be very unique. They both like to travel. So they had each table at their reception represent a different city…from Las Vegas to New Orleans, Amsterdam to Paris. Then, the centerpiece for each table reflected that city. Vegas had poker chips and dice, New Orleans had beads. It was something really neat that I’d never seen done before. They also brought in a Hot Shot basketball game. That was a big hit with the kids. Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, they had a variety of caramel apples and a dessert table. So instead of cutting a cake, they sliced a caramel apple together.

Their color was navy blue. We provided the white satin tablecloths and chair covers and navy blue satin runners and sashes.

Then, they went with blue for their up-lighting. We put a monogram with their names spelled out above their head table on a black backdrop that the Hilton provided. Here are some shots of the room before chair covers and lighting, with an amber colored lighting, and then with the blue…

 Kaitlin DJ’ed the reception for them. It started at 5:45 and went until midnight. She said they were a fun crowd. The groomsmen dedicated “Dancing Queen” to Jason. They said it’s his favorite song. Then the bridesmaids told Kaitlin what a huge Backstreet Boys fan MaryBess was. So she played one of their songs for MaryBess “from Kevin the Backstreet Boy.” They all thought it was pretty hilarious.

~ by Elite Entertainment on August 19, 2008.

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