Jennifer & Mitch 08.16.08 Hilton

Jennifer and Mitch’s wedding was awesome! Their colors were orange and brown. Jennifer had always wanted a fall wedding, but due to her busy work schedule during the fall with the Channel 3 News, they had to have it in August. We used 50 lights in the Illini room at the Hilton and connected them all together for the LED upgrade. When the guests entered the room, we had all of the lights set to orange.

For the bridal party introduction, I had the lights strobing around the room with a rainbow effect for added energy and fun. Their guests loved it and freaked out. After the intro, I set them back to orange. Then, once they served the salad, we changed all of the lights to green.

After dinner, I had to leave to DJ Sally and Chad’s wedding at the Hawthorn. So, one of our staff members, Johnny, took over the lighting for me. He had them slowly changing colors throughout the night with some strobing during the fast dance songs. It’s so much fun to do the LED lighting. Everyone loves it. We also did a monogram for them on a black backdrop the Hilton provided behind the head table.

~ by Elite Entertainment on August 19, 2008.

One Response to “Jennifer & Mitch 08.16.08 Hilton”

  1. My husband and I couldn’t have been happier with how the lighting turned out for our reception. What an amazing addition to the night! If you really want something for your wedding guests to buzz about, this is it! I have a younger sister and when she gets married one of these days, we will definitely be calling up these guys again to put on a show. It really is a performance! So brides out there, I know the food and DJ are always things you will want to spend a little more on, but this is something to put on the top of your list of things for the reception. Just tell mom and dad it will be worth it at the end of the night, promise! Our pictures in the room turned out so beautifully with the different colors all night.

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