Emily & Mark 08.09.08 Champaign Country Club

Mark and Emily held their wedding reception at the Champaign Country Club. They used three different rooms at the Country Club. So we did different lighting in each room. We used an elegant amber colored lighting in the ballroom where they held their dinner. Unfortunately, the chairs there are a very weird shape, and we couldn’t do regular chair covers. The only chair covers we’d be able to use there would be the self-tie ones that are big and flowy. We just used sashes on the chairs in the ballroom, and it still looked very nice. Luckily they have nice chairs there. Mark and Emily bought and arranged all of the flowers in their centerpieces themselves. They did a great job.

There was a smaller separate room that the bar was in, and we did blue lighting in there. Then, they had the dance floor in the third room…that was the party room. Kaitlin was their DJ. We connected all of the lights together and did LED lighting in the party room. Kaitlin had the lighting slowly fading through different colors for the cocktail hour, and then changing a little faster during the dancing. We control all of the lights from a program on our laptop. So she was able to make the lights strobe later on in the night to some of the fast songs. It added a really great energy to the dance floor.  We hope Mark and Emily had a great honeymoon in Antigua!

~ by Elite Entertainment on August 13, 2008.

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