Colleen & Ross 07.05.08 Odyssey Country Club

Colleen and Ross had been together for eight years before they got married. They live in Champaign, but most of their family is from up north. So, they chose the Odyssey Country Club in Tinley Park for their reception location. Colleen and Ross came to us for DJing, lighting, and chair covers. Kaitlin was their DJ. We went up to Chicago the day before their wedding, saw “Wicked” on Broadway, and made a weekend trip out of it. I helped Kaitlin decorate before leaving for the wedding I was DJing in Kankakee that night.

Their color was a sage green. It was the perfect color for that room because that same color was in the carpet. So it all tied together perfectly. Their centerpieces were gorgeous, and they chose an amber up-lighting to accent it all. There was a stairway entering the room, and so for something different, the bridal party came down the stairs for their introduction.

Kaitlin said they had a great party. It was very classy, but still a ton of fun. The reception went a half hour longer than they’d planned, and there were still a great number of people there at the end. Kaitlin said that Colleen’s brother gave the best toast she’s ever heard. Colleen and Ross were wonderful to work with, and we hope they had a great time on their honeymoon in Mexico.

~ by Elite Entertainment on July 6, 2008.

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