Melissa & Ronny 06.14.08 Hilton

I used to work with Melissa at First Federal Savings Bank in Champaign, and so when she got engaged, I was the first person she called. Melissa and Ronny had their reception at the Hilton Garden Inn in Champaign. They used the entire ballroom for their 300 guests. With such a large number of guests, they knew that they could make the largest impact on the room for the least amount of money by using our lighting. They used pink up-lighting around the room and had a custom monogram on the dance floor. They showed a photo montage on the Hilton’s video screens that come down out of the ceiling.

They were able to keep costs down by using simple centerpieces consisting of only candles. They didn’t use any chair covers, but the room still looked great. Not only did the lighting make a huge difference in the look of the room, but it made the room feel “alive.” Kaitlin was DJing in a different ballroom at the Hilton that night, and she said that she’d wished the reception she was DJing had lighting in it. She said that after she left the room that had lighting, the room that didn’t have lighting felt dead. The managers at the Hilton even commented that their staff was in the best mood that night than they’d ever been. Everyone loved it!


~ by Elite Entertainment on June 15, 2008.

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